I'm Home!

Sometimes it must be hard to know where I am and what I'm doing, but one thing is for sure - I'm here and I'm so Happy!


After my time in Montreal, Canada, it was time to leave for Wellington Nov 1st! I was at the fork in the road - Wellington, FL or Los Angeles, CA - due to a few things that didn't work out and I'm sure I took the right turn!

Some people are not who you think they are, but coming home to friends and colleagues and knowing my surroundings makes me feel I'm home for sure!!!

There are so many great people, riders, equestrians of all kinds, like my blacksmith Robbie Cozart, who took care of problems I got during my travels right away!

I learned a lot about life and people and there is nothing any longer that will make me not know what to do!

Life is a journey and an adventure and I always wanted it to be that way! There is still wind under my wings so I will continue to fly!

I will get back to work, and if you would like some help and/ or have a clinic, just let me know!

Email: mrosencrantz@hotmail.com or (310) 629-2279.

I'm also looking for a personal groom to my 3 own horses!

All the best to All of you! Thank's for your support and friendship!