Not sure where I left off, but here I am.

It's already October, fall is here and the stable outside Montreal is beautiful!

It's about 50 degrees in the am. (+11 C), blue sky, crisp air, and the sun are rising between trees in all imaginable colors. I always loved the seasons and fall is my favorite when it is like this!!!

I have been here since the beginning of August, working as a private trainer for a nice lady, with great horses and a beautiful facility. I have my own three horses here as well and of course my two little dogs; Pebbles and Squiggles.

The dogs cannot believe that they are loose all day long. Very busy hunting, searching and discovering what's in the bushes or behind the barn! They are finally dogs, the way I want a dog to live! They are two really happy and lucky dogs!!!

It has been a huge change to come here and to leave my friends, clients and daily life behind! It all went so fast, that It's hard to grasp what I did during 2017 and how I ended up in Canada!!

It's hard when you don't know anyone, don't find your way and are used to a life in LA with daily routines. Maybe it's easier when you are younger..but!

I have not been to any shows since I came here but I'm happy that Marron is sound and working again. I hope he will be coming out in GP again next year. Unfortunately, he is getting older and like it is for all of us, sometimes your body doesn't “bounce” as much as it did when you were younger!? Ramour aka Ram will hopefully start out in PSG in the beginning of the season and if all goes well Int. I at the end. He is doing great and is very fun to work with. Fuego is working just a level below, hoping that he will be ready when it's time!

I'm honored to be the presenter/clinician at the Mane Event Expo in BC at the end of October. It's a big event and I'm looking forward to being there and to be talking about dressage.

As of now, I'm not sure if I will go to Florida or go back to Los Angeles. There are many reasons for both decisions and I will make that in a couple of days.

Anna and I will try to do better and keep you all more updated…It's hard when the "snow ball" is rolling to fast!

All the best to all of you! Stay safe, ride well!