Festival of the Champions - Gladstone

What an amazing week it has been! Not only did we qualify to ride in the Final at Gladstone but we had one of our best shows together so far! I'm so pleased with my beautiful horse Marron and how well he progressed throughout the week.

I can't thank everyone enough for all the support they gave me, my super and hardworking team that came with me, my staff at home; Mallory Schneider and Cajsa who makes it possible for me to be away and to everyone else - friends, family, clients who were watching and cheering me on!

My sponsors Triple Crown, Platinum Performance, Custom Saddlery, Mastermind, PSofSweden, Goode Rider, K9Horse, Heritage Gloves and MDC Stirrups; I'm more than thankful for your long time support and for making sure I have the very best products that's out there for me and my horse.

We had such a fun group of riders and horses traveling from California! I will miss you all and I hope you have a safe trip back home.

Marron and I are now off to Europe and will be competing at the Uggerhalne CDIO4* next week in the Nations Cup. We have a long trip ahead of us but I'm so excited for this next adventure that's ahead of me!!

Mette and Marron, Gladstone, NJ

Mette and Marron, Gladstone, NJ