Collage from Uggerhalne, Denmark, CDIO4* Nations Cup

It was a long and exciting trip to go all the way from Gladstone, NY, to Uggerhalne in Denmark. I was with my horse 24/7 and now I know how much the horses has to go through to get from A to B when you travel overseas to the big shows. Luckily my horse Marron traveled really well and despite the long hours on the road he came out safe, sound and happy.

The showground in Uggerhalne was great! The people were fantastic, greeting us every morning at 7 am when we arrived. It was the first time they used this brand new facility for a big competition like this, they did an amazing job!

During the same week as Nations Cup in dressage, the Nations Cup in jumping was held. This brought lots of riders, horses and spectators which made the show even more fun! I meet so many good riders from the 12 different countries that were competing. At one point we were 18 (!) horses in the schooling arena at the same time.

To ride under the American flag with my teammates was both inspiring and fun. I was both happy and proud of my horse who behaved really well in this electric atmosphere. Everyone did well, the dressage team ended up 4th with only a few points to 2nd, it was very close..!

Now I'm looking forward to the next one - Onward and upward!

Once again a big thanks to my sponsors: Triple Crown, Platinum Performance, Custom Saddlery, Goode Rider, PS of Sweden, Mastermind, K9Horse, MCD Stirrups and Heritage gloves. At every show, every warm-up, every minute, every day, I'm using something that represents you and everyone is aware of it!