I'm moving to Arroyo Del Mar, San Diego

I’m not sure how it’s possible, but it’s soon December 1st. What happened to the fall?? Where did 2018 go??

It’s hard to keep it all going, when my days are filled to the brim, and still write something on my home page!

The only thing I can come up with is, that my days are filled with horses, clients, and so many things that makes the days fly away! Fun.. but not enough hours!! I’m sure that’s the problem!

I think all of you know by now that I’m moving down to San Diego, and Arroyo Del Mar, in January of 2019.

I will become a member of Steffen and Shannon Peter’s team, and are asked to be one of the trainers.

I will work independently, and bring in clients and horses for training - full or part time! It’s a beautiful facility, and very inspiring for anyone who wants to become a better rider. Surrounded with nice riders, trainers, and staff! Remember that you are always welcome!

I have done clinics, ridden in clinics, gone to shows, and all the rest…

My time at Equinox Equestrian Center has been great!!! A huge Thanks to Karen Bristing for opening up her beautiful barn to me, when I so needed it! No one will ever understand, how I felt to be back home! Karen, I will owe you forever!!!

I would liked to have stayed. But this great facility only has a few stalls, so there is no room for me to bring in clients or horses. It’s full! So after a year and Steffen who called, I had to make a decision. I need, as everyone out there, to pay my bills… so I’m on my way! And I’m sure it will be great!!!

My parents taught me, that if you want something to happen - make it happen!

There is one more show this year. Only a one day show at LAEC in Burbank. I will ride “Ram” in a PSG and Anna will ride my beloved GP horse Marron in an Int II. It will be very exciting, and I’m sure she will do great! It will be a fun day!!

I have only one more clinic to do before the holiday, and this time it will be down in San Diego. Another great one!!

Thanks to all of you for support and friendship, and Thanks to my best sponsors.

Triple Crown; The best feed on the market!

Custom Saddles; How could I ride this good if I didn’t have the best saddle?!

Platinum Performance: Nutritions for every horse, for every reason, every day!!! My horses looks great, feels super, and are happy athletes!

PS of Sweden: beautiful everything! Bridles, pads, wraps, just name it…they have it!

Goode Rider: once again came out with a super cool fall and winter collection. Have you ever seen me in a picture without something from them?? Their jackets are my life!!!

The best gloves from Heritage: Always on my hands!!!

MasterMind: super fitting breeches, and so much more!!

It takes a village!! Thanks to All of you!


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