National Dressage Finals, Lamplight, Chicago

So once again, I think this was the 7th time I had a horse in the Finals. It’s always exciting to try out, and then just hope that you will make it.

This year, just like in 2017 I did qualify with my Grand prix horse Marron.

For the past couple of years the Finals has been in Gladstone, NJ, but this year we were at Lamplight outside Chicago.

The venue is beautiful and this year there were so many different categories of dressage. Everything from the young horses, juniors, young riders, developing horses - just name it, and it was there.

Because off that, there were a lot of great horses, riders, trainers, and spectators. It’s always inspiring to meet them all. It makes you work harder, always try to train, teach, and ride better! I like that!!

I flew with my horse and we arrived a couple of days before the show. It’s the best way to travel, but it is expensive. There were 14 horses on the flight, so we were a big group of riders that arrived early.

What’s fun about that is that you finally have a chance to see your friends, more then just to say hi! At a normal show there is no time to talk, we all ride, teach and very seldom have time to catch up! Californian riders, trainers, and grooms are so much fun that I enjoyed spending some extra time with them.

Marron was great at the show! The scores were very close and I had really good rides! I We ended up in 4th place over all this time. I know at heart that we could have been better…But it’s a new day, every day!

The respect and comments from my pals are sometimes more valuable to me then a comment from a judge. It was so much fun to meet so many riders, trainers, and friends from all over the US and it’s just sad that the country is so big, that it’s hard to stay in touch.

Anna Blomdahl came along, once again, to help me out as a groom, and I’m very thankful for all her help!!! Anna is also the best photographer and is the one that always takes all the great pictures! She has the best eye!!!! As well as Cory Walkey who is a great eye on the ground and a fun supporter!!!

The next show coming up for me and Marron is the Regional Finals in the end of September. This year it will be at LAEC in Burbank. I will show GP on Friday and Sunday!

Both Ram and Fuego has also qualified for the Regionals but I have decided to have them stay home and we will continue to work towards the next, higher level.

The fall is filled with training, clinics, and much more. My friend and international judge, Birgitta Bergsten, will come next month to help me from the judges point of view. She has an eagle eye and always knows how to ride every movement correct.

I will also attend the “Queen of dressage”, Isabell Werth’s clinic in San Diego, but only as a spectator. This will be very inspiring! I’m very much looking forward to an interesting fall!

I will keep you posted on what’s going on!