Moving forward

2019 - The journey moves forward, to new exciting destinations!

After spending a year at Karen Izzy Bristing’s  beautiful facility Equinox, I have now accepted the offer to be part of Steffen and Shannon Peters Team as a trainer at Arroyo Del Mar.

I did move down here in the beginning of January, with my three horses Marron, Ram and Fuego, and of course the doggies Pebble and Squiggles.

Arroyo is a beautiful training center, with top footing, great care and room for any rider who wants to be part of quality and inspiring training.

I like it very much and hope to build up a new business with top training, down here in San Diego.

I will compete a little less in the beginning of the year, but come back out when things have settled down. I will do some clinics just like before, and there will also be two Expo’s that I always think is very different and fun.

It’s exciting to turn a page, and even better a chapter, but leaving friends, clients and changing daily routines is not always that easy! I do miss a lot of things from home, but if you never take a chance nothing will happen.

I wish all of you a healthy, happy and successful 2019! I will keep you all posted.

Here is the link to Arroyo Del Mar:

Check it out and remember that you are always Welcome with or without a horse.


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