A day at Arroyo Del Mar with Musical Freestyles and Open House

So much is happening, that I have a hard time to write about it all before the next thing is happening! So from giving clinics, competing and all other events on weekends. This one at Arroyo del Mar last Saturday is the "newest" update.

We at Arroyo decided to do something different together, and the idea became reality; an open house, barbeque and some musical freestyles. Anyone could come! Grace Walker, the barn manager, was in charge and did a fantastic job to make it all come together. Supported from Shannon Peters and her hard working staff, all looked beautiful, and was so well prepared! Steffen Peters rode “Mopsi” in a GP and I rode Ram in a Int.I Freestyle, and the other trainers and students did a pas de deux. There was a nice supportive crowd, and friends like Anna, Paul, Isabelle, and Oliver, as well as the Souchard family came from LA to be part of this fun day! It warms my heart to see them!!! Life in the fast and exciting lane! All good!