The Dressage Affaire CDI 1*

Even if I thought I would never be able to compete, when the worst rain storm was hitting LA, I did manage to pull it off and it turned out to be a very successful weekend.

I showed my three horses in the national show; Marron - GP, Ram - 4th level and Fuego 2nd level. They were all super!

It's hard though to write about that you win your class, when there is barely anyone in it, but it is the scores and the judges comments that counts and whats really making me happy.

The highlight of the weekend was that Anna and her horse Lourdes won both the CDI Prix St. George and the Int.1! So between the two of us, we once again did really good. 

The next show for me will be the CDI 3* in Rancho Murieta. This time Marron will do the Grand Prix and the Musical Freestyle. Ram and Fuego will compete in the national show, Ram is still doing 4th level and Fuego is going to try out in 3rd level. I'm very much looking forward to this show and I will keep you all posted!  

LA mid winter dressage show

Wonderful pictures from a rainy LAEC with the best fanclub ever! 

The young guys were out for the first time in a long time. Great practice, great results - even though a bit wet..

As always I'm so thankful for my sponsors; Riding in a Custom saddle, bridle, boots and saddlepad by PS of Sweden, beautiful show jacket and breaches from Mastermind and show shirt from Goode Rider, gloves by Heritage, stirrups by MDC Stirrups. I washed my horses with K9 shampoo and added on the final touches with their amazing products like hoof balm and show shine. I feed my boys Triple Crown Complete and for supplements I can always count on Platinum Performance for the best results! Thank you each and one of you for all your support and fantastic products!


EquiFest - Expo in Topeka, Kansas

I think this is fun!!

A week ago I was the clinician at the big Expo; EquiFest in Topeka, Kansas.

It was a great weekend, with the best crowd and fun students to work with!

I taught two dressage lessons a day and had one lecture each day.

It’s an amazing event with top trainers from many different fields of the equestrian world; working, telling there point, of what they are good at!

So it is really everything from cowboy hats to helmets, coming together for a couple of days!



EquiFest of Kansas 2018


Mette is in Topeka, Kansas this weekend as a presenter of classic dressage, at the Equifest of Kansas. Topics include: "Improve your lower level tests", "Thinking outside the Dressage box", "Importance of basic work", "Getting your horse thinking forward", "Looking closer at lateral work" and "What is cross-training?"  She will also take a closer look at " Musical Freestyle".

It will sure be a very interesting, exiting and educational weekend for everyone attending! Hope to see you there!

Adequan West Coast Dressage Festival


There is so much great to say about the last, of the four, Adequan West Coast Dressage Festival, held in Del Mar the week of February 14-17th!

The shows has been incredibly well organized, totally top of the line, and a staff that made the show so much fun to attend!

This time it was Anna Blomdahl on her home breed horse Lourdes, in the small tour, and me on Marron in the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special.

Anna had two good rides, but the one in Int1 was very special! She rode so good and just danced the test away! Ended up 5th in a huge class with many good horses and riders, with two judges having her in first. Scores close close close! Super fun and exiting!!!

Marron did great in the Grand Prix and ended up 4th, very close to third, in a huge class of 15 great horses and riders. The second day we placed as well, this time in the GPS. He got very spooked by the “fiddle music” that blasted down in the center of the ring just around X. The Del Mar arena is definitely not his favorit arena to show in, and the music at X didn’t make it better! but..It is what it is, and what to do!?? Just bad luck! He had some really great moments though; so on to the next one!

So to Scott Hayes and his Team! Thank you!!! We are all looking forward to next year! Please keep this going! And for you that could not come this year, make sure you plan on coming 2019!

I will now take my young horses to LAEC; for the Mid Winter national show the first weekend of March. I’m so looking forward to bringing them out!

Before that show I will Fly to Kansas and Topeka to be the presenter at the big Horse Expo!

Different and fun! I will keep you posted! 

IMG_9654 2.jpg

USDF FEI-Level Trainers Conference with Johann Hinnemann


This year the United States Dressage Federation, hosted its USDF FEI-Level Trainers Conference in Del Mar, California, on February 6-7th. The presenter of the conference was the well known and worldwide recognized trainer and coach, Johann Hinnemann. 

Both Anna and I took part in the conference during the two full days as we soaked up inspiration by watching Mr. Hinnemann teach some of the top riders from California. 


2018, off to a great start!


2018 started off in an exciting, fun and inspiring way!

The first CDI for the year here in California took place at Galway Downs, with Scott Hayes and his super team, putting tons of work and effort into it to make it a great show! It was a winner, and both Anna and I did great! We competed both in the CDI, and in the National classes with our young horses! Great footing, a super helpful Team working the show from all angels! It was a success!!!

It's a lot going on; Show season has started, much to choose from!

I have started clinics locally, and the first one out of state will be in Utah. Then the big Expo in Topeka, Kansas where I will be one of the presenters

There will aslo be a FEI Trainers clinic down in Del Mar between all my clinics! I'm looking forward to the Trainers symposium; so much to learn, nice to spend time with all the other trainers, and Joe Hinneman as a clinician has so much to give! So much fun!! All this in February…Even more in March!

Anna and I are looking and hoping to find a good barn to start the business again. Keep us in mind if you know of anything!!

Until the next time... Ride well, enjoy!!!

2017 Coming To An End

How is it possible that 2017 is coming to an end?! Is it only me that feels that way?

It was a very interesting, exciting, and different year for me! So much happened and everything went so fast!

In the beginning of the year I thought that I wasn't going to show that much on the GP level with Marron! Sure…in May I was on my way to the National Finals in Gladstone, NJ.

Marron and I ended up 5th overall, and that gave me a ticket to represent The United States in The Nations Cup in Denmark!

So instead of flying back home to LA I flew to Europe! Then I was selected a second time to be on the Nations Cup team, this time in Falsterbo, Sweden. Both shows were a great experience! I had great American team mates and it was fun to represent the US. It was also very inspiring to ride and train with so many super good riders!

That whole journey took me to Montreal, Canada, where I stayed for 3 months! The plan was to continue to Wellington, FL, for the winter season but plans were changed and I took my dogs and horses and went back home to California.

Life is good! I'm riding in the first CDI of the year, the first week of January in Temecula at Galway Downs. Marron is doing the CDI-W/3* Grand Prix, and the GPS. Ram is doing 4th level and Fuego is going out for the first time showing in First level!

It's exciting to show again. Except for the show in December with Marron, a couple of weeks ago, I have not been in the show ring since June.

I'm back to teaching and are doing clinics, so eventually I will start up my training business again!

This will be an exciting 2018 with so much going on! I will try to keep you posted!

I wish you all a safe, healthy, and happy 2018! All the best of luck in whatever you are showing or doing! Don't forget to be nice to people on your way up - because you will meet them on your way down! Humble and kind!!


Happy New Year!