CDI-3* Golden State Dressage

Mette and a horse

Mette and a horse

Cold, strong wind and rain - that was the circumstances to this last CDI show for me, trying out for the National finals in Gladstone in May. The weather was NOT in my favor!!

Marron was better then ever in his GP. Just great!! With that said, when I came into the corner after a great strong extended canter, the wind brought a big dust-tornado-dance right in his face -he stopped dead. No wonder...

I just picked up the canter again, but I never did the flying change: so 0 score. Lost 35 points. Then the one tempies going on the same line, close to the end, he though will that attack me again???? - so I lost the last one tempi. Expensive!!!

The ride was great and so was Marron, but what to do?? One day I might have the luck on my side??? I won - but I wanted the score, that the ride deserved!!!

Chrevi's Ramour, owned by Mette Rosencrantz and Cory Walkey got 76% in his third level test 3. In pouring rain, he once again just stayed with me and pulled of a super test! This horse is so cool. I'm so happy to have this special horse!!! Thank's Cory!!

Connie Davenport and her staff did a great job to keep this show together!! Well done! Everyone here are so helpful! Great footing and with all this rain, a covered arena is the answer! We have to support this CDI show! It's a good one, even if this year was a cold, windy and rainy one! I will be back! Thanks to all of you!

A winter jacket and a rain jacket from Goode Rider for me and my great groom Mallory Schneider, was a blessing!! Thanks for making the best jackets on the planet!!

Also, Tom Mayer is the one that I can count on! Tom is helping me so much and puts his heart and soul into trying to help us all! I'm so Thankful for all the work he does to make my horses feel and be their best! You are truly there for me and my boys!! Thanks! You helped me make it work!