Achieving the nearly mythic element of trust between horse and rider can be one of the most difficult challenges in riding. It can also be the most sublime reward. 

It's what allows us to fly over a daunting triple combination, dance tempi across the diagonal or simply catch a 1200 pound creature in the middle of a vast pasture. 

We strive to master that level of harmony between horse and rider every time we ride.  By fusing posh styles with superior performance, we create each piece to help you feel comfortable, beautiful and masterful. 

How does our apparel enhance your mastery?

By ensuring your freedom of movement, performance and comfort with the finest imported Swiss Schoeller fabrics - -stain and water resistant, never stretching out and never fading--to help keep your ride elegant, clean and secure.

By flattering your figure with well thought out designs and fabrics that feel luxurious, in styles that bring a welcome taste of Madison Avenue to the barn.

By allowing you to shine with shimmering details.

By empowering your performance, ride after ride, with meticulous construction and stitching. 

Our quest for mastery in our riding  is dynamic and evolving. Our wardrobe should be too. That's why we offer you new, fresh pieces several times a year. The excellence in fabric, fit and construction never wavers, but our styles change to help you embrace the seasons and  of-the-moment fashion trends. 

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