Marron retired from the show circuit

I have decided to retire my healthy, happy, sound- Best Marron!

He gave me so much, and even if he broke my heart sometimes during this journey, it was a fun one!!

He is 19 this year. Been there done that, and he have had a busy life in the fast lane!

My thank’s to him, is to let him enjoy life with his new rider. No more shows, just to let someone learn from him, enjoy him, and he has found the best place!

I have spent 24/7 with Marron, so to see him go was extremely hard! I did it for him, he deserved it. He had paid his dues. I’m so happy that he is having the best time, but I sure miss him!

Thank’s to Emma Ahlo who took such a super care of him and to Anna Blomdahl, we were a great Team!

And most of all Thank’s Marron!!!!